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“What’s my purpose?”

I In summer of 2017, I had a conversation with a guru about my life’s purpose. Toward the end of a session with my therapist, I had complained about work, saying that I never felt fully connected with or satisfied by what I was doing. “It sounds like you’re searching for your purpose,” she said.… Continue reading “What’s my purpose?”

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Community mapping

Having learned wisdom about ourselves through the process of psychic mapping, then applied this wisdom to the context of our lives through the process of executive summary, we generally feel a desire to share this wisdom and learning with our communities in some way: we are overcome with self-love where before we had experienced self-doubt,… Continue reading Community mapping

Curriculum, Executive summary

Executive summary

Usually as soon as we articulate our principles of wisdom through psychic mapping, the mind takes hold, engendering a fear about what might happen if we ‘fail’ to hold to these principles. For instance, if one of our principles articulated was that our ultimate desire is to make ‘free, loving choices for ourselves,’ the mind… Continue reading Executive summary