Literature: How to Read and Understand the World: elementary awareness. Used properly, literature helps us to release judgements toward other people, identify with them, and through this process, gain principles of wisdom which we can turn around and apply to our own lives. In a series of two sessions, I will teach you how to recognize and release judgements of other people, then identify with them through a first-person writing process. With these two steps alone, you can begin to radically transform your life and awareness. For our exercises in these sessions, we will use a short story, novel, play, or movie. $200

Literature: How to Read and Understand the World: full program. Although my introductory program can help you to loosen the inhibiting practice of judging others, this full program is necessary in order to capitalize on the fruits of your awareness, turning them into wisdom and applying that wisdom to your own life. For these sessions, you will read through the entirety of a work of fiction on your own, working through exercises that I give you along the five steps of my process of engaging with literature. In particular, you will learn to release judgements of literary characters, identify with them, distill principles of wisdom from this process, apply these principles to your own life, then teach them in the lives of others. At the end of this process, you will gain expansive awareness, access intuition, and become able to develop more healthful, fulfilling relationships. The process will take roughly eight weeks and will consist of eight sessions. $800

Literature: How to Read and Understand the World: group program. This program is identical to the full program above, except that I will lead group sessions as opposed to working with an individual. For this purpose, we will all read the same book. Excellent for book clubs, as well as for literature teachers interested in trying something different. $1,000

Life awareness tutorials. In this reality, we have a human body, story, and community, all of which are interwoven. At the same time, there is the quality of spirit which pervades and animates all beings, human and otherwise. Through taking the angle of spirit onto our human life, we gain the capacity to move through that life more fluidly, trusting and submitting to intuition, history, and acquiring the deep peace that it is to rest in spirit. In these sessions, I help you move through the context of your life by applying the lens of spirit, helping you to see circumstances from a larger, alleviating picture. Because these sessions involve getting to know you, they are best on an ongoing basis, until we both feel that the purpose of our work has been achieved. $50/session

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