“Jackson is an incredibly thoughtful person. He has developed prompting and questioning that allows for each individual to seek the truth that is already in their heart and to learn how to become open to such truths. My relationship with Jackson has brought my life more gifts than I thought possible, and a desire to continue learning more about myself each moment of every day,” Joe T.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jackson through a workshop on fatherhood. Jackson did an excellent job of guiding the group through the process, encouraging deep reflection and insight. He helped me draw powerful connections to underlying themes throughout my life over the course of a short workshop. His approach to learning feels both accessible and supportive, and I sincerely look forward to my next opportunity to work with Jackson,” Deah L.

“I really enjoyed these meetings we had, since I was able to express the way I felt when teaching, and the pros and cons of the teaching-learning process, not just in the classrooms, but in real life.

“I want to thank Jackson and the team of teachers who attended the meetings for their ideas and thoughts, because we could share our experiences and compare them with each other in order to feel identified and improve our ways of teaching and expressing our thoughts. I appreciate all the activities we did and hope we meet in the future to keep on sharing more experiences,” Daniel M.