The short, miserable life of an empath

By the time she reached middle school, the empath had learned of the horrors visited upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of WWII–hence, she developed radiation poisoning, even though both geography and temporality vastly distanced her from those places. Too, she had learned of Fritz Haber, Zyklon B, WWI’s trenches, and the burnings of… Continue reading The short, miserable life of an empath


The five stages of grief and the pandemic

I have been thinking about Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief as they pertain to the pandemic. When I think of the first stage,** anger, the behaviors that come to mind include researching conspiracy theories, protesting lockdown, and refusing to wear a mask. I have engaged in some of these behaviors myself, mostly toward the start… Continue reading The five stages of grief and the pandemic


My wedding suit

In fall of 2019, I twice met with a tailor to custom design a suit for the wedding I planned to have in September of 2020. During my first meeting with the tailor, we took measurements of my body, as well as talked through and chose all the details of the suit. By the second… Continue reading My wedding suit