Spiritual resume

JACKSON HOLZBERG BUCKLEY Seeking bliss, wholeness, and equanimity Experience: 1991-present: Deeply consider experience to produce wisdom. Attempt to discern and live by values. Regularly connect to beyond and, through this connection, encounter wellsprings of devotion. Endeavor always to stay attuned. Universe's origin-1991: Previous incarnations as Buddhist, psychologist, wizard, and other forms. Some incarnations more generative… Continue reading Spiritual resume


Human design and the ephemerality of giving

While staying with a friend recently, I offered to buy her a meal or some groceries in order to repay for my stay. In response she affirmed, “Your presence itself is a gift.” While this sentiment felt beautiful to receive, it has also been difficult to believe in my internal evaluation. All my life, I… Continue reading Human design and the ephemerality of giving



In this video, I discuss ungrading practices and why they are important to me as an educator. More specifically, I discuss the history and purposes of grading, the philosophy behind ungrading, ungrading methods, and the resistances unconventional educators will encounter along this path. Some resources mentioned include the work of Michel Foucault, Tracy Santa, contract… Continue reading Ungrading