Four 2100s

2100: In this future, humanity has uploaded our consciousnesses to cyberspace and thereby done away with physicality. Somewhere in myriad rooms, bodies sit, ingest nutrients, and decay, but all of this is rendered negligible by the mechanized wonder that completes our imaginations. In a sense, we have willfully submitted to the reality of the film… Continue reading Four 2100s


Masks, memory, and the long road to justice

Going to a party the other night for the first time in more than a year, I was surprised at the intensity of the experience, a veritable surge of content after a valley of silence. Prior to leaving my house for the party, I struggled with anxiety; what would it feel like to encounter so… Continue reading Masks, memory, and the long road to justice



A little over two years ago, I stood with a friend in a town where we had both elected to go to grad school. “Why are we doing this?” I asked him, “Why is anyone doing what they’re doing? I bet society as a whole will collapse in the near future.” My friend said he… Continue reading Climate