Death of the projected self

As the gap grows between the self you are and the self you thought you would be, Your envisioned self dies the death of a million cuts, Like a drawing incrementally erased from a white board. You are strong where he is weak, Grieving where he is alight with fancy, Alive where he is dead,… Continue reading Death of the projected self



Every moment Is an apocalypse of the self, A turning of our hopes and dreams to sand.   What we had built: nothing. What we had longed for: a puff of smoke.   In this way, Even our lives as a whole can be viewed As nothing more than a planting of seeds, A fertilization… Continue reading Apocalypse

Personal writing, poetry

A timeless question

Through a telescope looking onto the past, A child laughs, Bathing with his brethren in the open sun.   Through that same telescope pointed to the near future, The child withers, Swaddled with his mother at home.   In the far future, The child and friends stand crouched and waiting, Wondering with the rest of… Continue reading A timeless question


What does it mean to believe in ghosts? (spiritual talk)

What does it mean to believe in ghosts? Alternately, what does it mean not to? In what sense is belief in ghosts political? How can belief in ghosts affect our relationships? What is the difference between personal and collective ghosts, and what are some examples of the latter? Most importantly, how do we meet and… Continue reading What does it mean to believe in ghosts? (spiritual talk)


Awakening intuition (spiritual talk)

Based on several conversations I had with people over my winter break, I decided to create this video on intuition. I love making these videos, and it is my hope that they’re useful for people—for this reason, if there is a topic you’d be interested in seeing a video on, I encourage you to write… Continue reading Awakening intuition (spiritual talk)