On freedom and choice within the Matrix trilogy

Note: this post contains significant spoilers for not only the Matrix (1999), but also the Matrix Reloaded (2003) and Revolutions (2003). If you somehow haven’t seen these movies, go watch them! Then read this post. Neo meeting the Oracle in the original Matrix (1999) During the second act of the original Matrix film, the Oracle… Continue reading On freedom and choice within the Matrix trilogy


The beauty and subtlety of Spider-Man 2

Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 (2004) is one of my favorite films.  While the original Spider-Man (2002) sees Peter Parker internalizing the adage that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” Spider-Man 2 takes this message further: Peter learns the meaning not only of responsibility, but of commitment, which in this film signals choosing responsibility even despite… Continue reading The beauty and subtlety of Spider-Man 2


Four 2100s

2100: In this future, humanity has uploaded our consciousnesses to cyberspace and thereby done away with physicality. Somewhere in myriad rooms, bodies sit, ingest nutrients, and decay, but all of this is rendered negligible by the mechanized wonder that completes our imaginations. In a sense, we have willfully submitted to the reality of the film… Continue reading Four 2100s


Death of the projected self

As the gap grows between the self you are and the self you thought you would be, Your envisioned self dies the death of a million cuts, Like a drawing incrementally erased from a white board. You are strong where he is weak, Grieving where he is alight with fancy, Alive where he is dead,… Continue reading Death of the projected self

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Choices, the heart, and God

Shall I go to the bar tonight, Or stay in and read? Shall I drop out of college, Or finish? Shall I propose to my girlfriend? Find another? Vote my conscience? Abstain?             Beneath these decisions, there is the part of us that has already chosen; if we try to convince ourselves of our choices… Continue reading Choices, the heart, and God