Dragged through the tunnel blind: Coronavirus and a rejoinder with faith

Returning to “normal” in New Mexico has been like awakening from a long-held dream: the masks come off, revealing faces I had never before glimpsed; tactility and motion reemerge, acquainting me with senses I had forgotten. Prior to this dream, there was a dream in which I seemed to be an entirely different person; between… Continue reading Dragged through the tunnel blind: Coronavirus and a rejoinder with faith


My wedding suit

In fall of 2019, I twice met with a tailor to custom design a suit for the wedding I planned to have in September of 2020. During my first meeting with the tailor, we took measurements of my body, as well as talked through and chose all the details of the suit. By the second… Continue reading My wedding suit



Emotions are like sparks,  Memories of something fiery, And yet simultaneously asleep. Inwardly they move us, Tell us what to do,  Or how we will feel upon certain actions. Like boundaries,  They prescribe limits. Emotionality is a relationship, A way in which we check in with ourselves, Asking, “Who am in this moment?” “Who am… Continue reading Emotionality


Awakening intuition (spiritual talk)

Based on several conversations I had with people over my winter break, I decided to create this video on intuition. I love making these videos, and it is my hope that they’re useful for people—for this reason, if there is a topic you’d be interested in seeing a video on, I encourage you to write… Continue reading Awakening intuition (spiritual talk)