The strand

There is a strand of light

That I have been following my whole life.

I know it as a sensation:

A pull forward from my heart,

My gut,

Perhaps from somewhere deeper.


When in touch with the strand,

I feel a sense of flow,

An intuitive “yes” to what is being offered me by the world.


I may think the strand will produce only goodness,

But in fact sometimes,

It may lead me to pain.


Pain is part of my lesson on this earth,

As are struggle,


And anger and injustice.

The strand is not a path clear of hardship.


When I am in touch with the strand,

I know that I am in conversation with God,

That being which has imbued things in this earthly realm

With the light of the divine.

These things speak to me,

And through them my life has meaning.


Thank you, God,

For the strand.

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