Valentine’s day poem

Happy valentine’s day

To the parts of myself I hide.

These are the parts of myself

That easily get angry, reactive, or afraid,

The parts of myself that cower and cry without reason.


I am worried that when people see these parts of me,

They won’t want to know me,

And so I do all I can to keep the parts from view,

Distracting with magic and gaiety.


I am a magician,

But at base of my magic is a deep fear

That my humanity is too much,

Or perhaps too little.


What if I am boring?

What if I am weak?

What if I am simple,

And simple in a way that beckons my lover

To more idyllic pastures?


Happy valentine’s day

To the parts of myself I hide,

For these are the parts which need my love the most.

Perhaps with adequate love,

My magician will disappear,

And all I am–and am not–will shine forth

In its universal, quotidian quality,

Unafraid and plain,

Ready to love and be loved.

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