Masks, memory, and the long road to justice

Going to a party the other night for the first time in more than a year, I was surprised at the intensity of the experience, a veritable surge of content after a valley of silence. Prior to leaving my house for the party, I struggled with anxiety; what would it feel like to encounter so… Continue reading Masks, memory, and the long road to justice


The world as it existed

I remember the world As it existed in February of 2020.  Bustling, redolent, pristine, And open to all forms of experience. In this world,  I shook a stranger’s hand upon our introduction. I sat in a crowded coffee shop and read, Music overhead, someone coughing in the distance. I traveled where I liked,  Did not… Continue reading The world as it existed

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Obituary to my childhood self

You are responsible for some of my earliest memories. Not earliest, I suppose—we didn’t meet until I was seven years old. Still, the memories feel primordial: they feel like they coincide with the genesis of my being. Playing in New Mexico, I remember vast expanses of hills and trees, valleys into which we would look… Continue reading Obituary to my childhood self