Intro to the Man Kind Project

My cousin and me after the Space Between Stories retreat in 2018 Starting in June of 2019, I made an agreement with myself that I would seek out and do some sort of expansive, spiritual, retreat-type thing once per year every year. The first time I did something of this nature was actually in August… Continue reading Intro to the Man Kind Project


Enneagram five on a hike (spiritual talk)

In this video, I discuss enneagram type five while hiking in New Mexico. In particular, I discuss the enneagram system at large, type five in depth, and type five's core wound, obstacles, and path toward growth. I use my own life experience as a five to reflect on how this system can be used to… Continue reading Enneagram five on a hike (spiritual talk)



Every moment Is an apocalypse of the self, A turning of our hopes and dreams to sand.   What we had built: nothing. What we had longed for: a puff of smoke.   In this way, Even our lives as a whole can be viewed As nothing more than a planting of seeds, A fertilization… Continue reading Apocalypse