Tapestry of the oppressor

TW: This poem contains a racial slur. A few days ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico, A young white supremacist broke into and desecrated an Indian restaurant, Putting in an estimated $100,000 worth of damage. “Trump 2020,” and “Fuck sand niggers,” He scrawled in black graffiti. One of these phrases he painted atop a religious… Continue reading Tapestry of the oppressor

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Obituary to my childhood self

You are responsible for some of my earliest memories. Not earliest, I suppose—we didn’t meet until I was seven years old. Still, the memories feel primordial: they feel like they coincide with the genesis of my being. Playing in New Mexico, I remember vast expanses of hills and trees, valleys into which we would look… Continue reading Obituary to my childhood self

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Psychic mapping

Psychic mapping is the essence of our process of reading literature, that place where we do the seizing of wisdom that is central to this process. As such, it is also the place about which we most likely experience trepidation: if we have access to wisdom through our process of reading literature, then surely we… Continue reading Psychic mapping