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A timeless question

Through a telescope looking onto the past, A child laughs, Bathing with his brethren in the open sun.   Through that same telescope pointed to the near future, The child withers, Swaddled with his mother at home.   In the far future, The child and friends stand crouched and waiting, Wondering with the rest of… Continue reading A timeless question

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Obituary to my childhood self

You are responsible for some of my earliest memories. Not earliest, I suppose—we didn’t meet until I was seven years old. Still, the memories feel primordial: they feel like they coincide with the genesis of my being. Playing in New Mexico, I remember vast expanses of hills and trees, valleys into which we would look… Continue reading Obituary to my childhood self

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Psychic mapping

Psychic mapping is the essence of our process of reading literature, that place where we do the seizing of wisdom that is central to this process. As such, it is also the place about which we most likely experience trepidation: if we have access to wisdom through our process of reading literature, then surely we… Continue reading Psychic mapping

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Engaged reading, part I: antipodiatry

In the way most of us have been trained to read literature, we regard characters in a text as entities outside ourselves from whom we have nothing to learn. This is why we call the practice ‘criticism:’ we make up ‘theses’ as to the characters’ motives and meanings, justify these theses with ‘evidence,’ and deliver… Continue reading Engaged reading, part I: antipodiatry