Holding the symbols generously: marriage, child-rearing, and existential purpose

Does marriage hold meaning outside of convention? If all lives end, then isn’t marriage’s “permanency” a passing illusion? Don’t the joined souls ultimately separate in the great beyond or, if they remain merged, doesn’t that merging collapse any notion of their being separate to begin with? The same could be said of child-rearing; if the… Continue reading Holding the symbols generously: marriage, child-rearing, and existential purpose



A little over two years ago, I stood with a friend in a town where we had both elected to go to grad school. “Why are we doing this?” I asked him, “Why is anyone doing what they’re doing? I bet society as a whole will collapse in the near future.” My friend said he… Continue reading Climate


The natural order

If there was ever a natural order, It is the part of you that knows To press a wound to stanch the blood, That knows to place cool cloth on the forehead Of the incapacitated, That knows.   Women have always been The knowers of this knowledge, Sacred protectors and keepers Of their children. Show… Continue reading The natural order

Personal writing, poetry

A timeless question

Through a telescope looking onto the past, A child laughs, Bathing with his brethren in the open sun.   Through that same telescope pointed to the near future, The child withers, Swaddled with his mother at home.   In the far future, The child and friends stand crouched and waiting, Wondering with the rest of… Continue reading A timeless question