Holding the symbols generously: marriage, child-rearing, and existential purpose

Does marriage hold meaning outside of convention? If all lives end, then isn’t marriage’s “permanency” a passing illusion? Don’t the joined souls ultimately separate in the great beyond or, if they remain merged, doesn’t that merging collapse any notion of their being separate to begin with? The same could be said of child-rearing; if the… Continue reading Holding the symbols generously: marriage, child-rearing, and existential purpose


The college years

One of my earliest memories of college involves showing my freshman year roommate what I had smuggled into the building on move-in day. Among my possessions, my parents and I had trucked in a pair of blue, plasticine beanbags, and it was after my parents left that I picked up one of the beanbags and… Continue reading The college years

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Love meets purpose

You searched and pined for the one to love, The perfect one, The one who would return that love, Would make you whole.   In each situation, Your founding expectation rendered this person something other than they were, An illusory object that you could cradle, Possess, Lust for, But that was never really yours. In… Continue reading Love meets purpose

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Spiritual talk/conference call, date TBD

Hello, all, I have recently been gifted with some spiritual awareness, and I want to share it by way of a phone call. Sharing in this way is part of my purpose: I find it exhilarating, but also a little scary, and I want to challenge myself to live into that combination. If you're interested… Continue reading Spiritual talk/conference call, date TBD


Soul Stories Podcast interview: 12/8/19

A few months ago I was lucky enough to interview with my friend Danny Mazur on the “Soul Stories” podcast. We talked about a range of things—reincarnation, one-life consciousness, “hero” and “victim” stories, intuition—all threaded through the circumstances of my life. This process was powerful for me: while I started off the interview nervous, I… Continue reading Soul Stories Podcast interview: 12/8/19