Why I teach at a private school

Spring semester of 2021, I taught for a few months at St. Michael’s High School, a Catholic school in my area as well as a private one. The following summer, I got an offer to switch to Santa Fe Prep, another independent school in my area, this one secular.  At the time of my transition,… Continue reading Why I teach at a private school



In this video, I discuss ungrading practices and why they are important to me as an educator. More specifically, I discuss the history and purposes of grading, the philosophy behind ungrading, ungrading methods, and the resistances unconventional educators will encounter along this path. Some resources mentioned include the work of Michel Foucault, Tracy Santa, contract… Continue reading Ungrading


The college years

One of my earliest memories of college involves showing my freshman year roommate what I had smuggled into the building on move-in day. Among my possessions, my parents and I had trucked in a pair of blue, plasticine beanbags, and it was after my parents left that I picked up one of the beanbags and… Continue reading The college years


Q&A 2! (respond by Sunday, February 14th)

I greatly enjoyed doing my first Q&A, and it has been more than a year since I did so! A lot has changed in that time, in my personal life, creative work, and consciousness. Would you like to ask me a question? Have any of my essays or videos struck you, moved you, confused you,… Continue reading Q&A 2! (respond by Sunday, February 14th)



A little over two years ago, I stood with a friend in a town where we had both elected to go to grad school. “Why are we doing this?” I asked him, “Why is anyone doing what they’re doing? I bet society as a whole will collapse in the near future.” My friend said he… Continue reading Climate