I’ve only ever had threesomes

I’ve only ever had threesomes: Myself, my sexual partner, and some third thing that hovered over and between us, Like netting cast against mosquitoes, Except the mosquitoes were my own mind. * Well, not exclusively threesomes: My purest sexual experiences have been with friends, Times where the pleasure was something which flowed from our friendship,… Continue reading I’ve only ever had threesomes


Q&A 2! (respond by Sunday, February 14th)

I greatly enjoyed doing my first Q&A, and it has been more than a year since I did so! A lot has changed in that time, in my personal life, creative work, and consciousness. Would you like to ask me a question? Have any of my essays or videos struck you, moved you, confused you,… Continue reading Q&A 2! (respond by Sunday, February 14th)


The discomfort of awakening and my journey with food

Early in 2016, I was sitting at a diner in Colorado Springs when I had an awakening experience. I was eating a plate of eggs and bacon, and suddenly their visage was revolting: I felt I could not finish the meal. I plucked up a piece of bacon, dipped it in the yolk of an… Continue reading The discomfort of awakening and my journey with food


Five lessons from Coronavirus

Enclosed is a blog post version of a FB Live event I did on 12/27/20. You may find the FB Live video here. Early in lockdown, I did a FB Live entitled “Coronavirus, spaciousness, and inner peace.” In this video, I essentially said that Coronavirus was requiring humanity to move en masse, obeying restrictions such… Continue reading Five lessons from Coronavirus