Summer course: Teaching as a way of being

Dear friends,

I want to host a course this summer called “Teaching as a way of being.” This will be a Zoom course, so no need to be physically present in Santa Fe!

The theme of the course is those subtle, pervasive ways we act as teachers and learners in a myriad of circumstances, which I believe really boils down to energy and intentions. In other words, the course is not for teachers only; it is for anyone who feels themselves a teacher of some form in life, and it will be strengthened by vocational diversity among participants.

The intention is to recognize and fortify that part of us which performs teaching: I view this as an open, curious, inventive, loving quality, a part of ourselves which cannot itself be taught, but nevertheless enables everything we do.

I do not want to charge for this course—I consider myself as much a learner and explorer as anybody, and really I simply love engaging with these issues. Instead, I invite people to consider donating to me at the course’s end if they feel so inspired, with no expectation on my end.

If you are interested, please write me using my contact form or directly by email at; I am planning for the course to occur once weekly during the month of July, and we can work to find mutually agreeable times once there is a cohort.

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