The view from Prohibition and my thoughts on mass shootings

Prohibition Denver, where the events in question took place In the summer of 2018, I was awaiting a friend in a Denver bar when I heard a series of “pop” noises from outside. Numerous times I had heard noises like this and discovered they were a car’s misfiring, but something about this volley struck me… Continue reading The view from Prohibition and my thoughts on mass shootings


Why I teach at a private school

Spring semester of 2021, I taught for a few months at St. Michael’s High School, a Catholic school in my area as well as a private one. The following summer, I got an offer to switch to Santa Fe Prep, another independent school in my area, this one secular.  At the time of my transition,… Continue reading Why I teach at a private school


The world as it existed

I remember the world As it existed in February of 2020.  Bustling, redolent, pristine, And open to all forms of experience. In this world,  I shook a stranger’s hand upon our introduction. I sat in a crowded coffee shop and read, Music overhead, someone coughing in the distance. I traveled where I liked,  Did not… Continue reading The world as it existed


Cults, culture, and charismatic leaders

I once dated someone who was a member of an ongoing, intensive support group, and I spent the first half of our relationship trying to persuade her that it was a cult. “You don’t need the group in order to be healthy!” I would tell her, “You don’t need them! Just look at me: I’m… Continue reading Cults, culture, and charismatic leaders


Way of the Peaceful Warrior, part I

In this video, I define the peaceful warrior in contradistinction to the traditional warrior, inquire into the origins of each archetype, explore the cultural landscape in which they exist, and offer some common factors for why we might show up as each type of warrior. In the next video, I discuss practical techniques for how… Continue reading Way of the Peaceful Warrior, part I