The impossibility of self-starting and hatred for the homeless

In the 2000 film American Psycho, there is a scene in which Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Wall Street employee, condescends to a homeless person in an alley. "Do you have any idea what a fucking loser you are?" Bateman rhetorically asks the homeless person. He then kills the homeless person and a nearby dog in… Continue reading The impossibility of self-starting and hatred for the homeless



Every moment Is an apocalypse of the self, A turning of our hopes and dreams to sand.   What we had built: nothing. What we had longed for: a puff of smoke.   In this way, Even our lives as a whole can be viewed As nothing more than a planting of seeds, A fertilization… Continue reading Apocalypse


The Buddha within

Deep within me is a smiling Buddha, Unfurling in time, Ready to awaken.   This part of me is like a child, Bright, Naked, Excitable and curious. It is who and how I am when unconcerned by image.   As this part of myself, I am ready to serve. A pair of open hands, Opening… Continue reading The Buddha within

Community mapping, Curriculum

Community mapping

Having learned wisdom about ourselves through the process of psychic mapping, then applied this wisdom to the context of our lives through the process of executive summary, we generally feel a desire to share this wisdom and learning with our communities in some way: we are overcome with self-love where before we had experienced self-doubt,… Continue reading Community mapping