The Buddha within

1Deep within me is a smiling Buddha,

Unfurling in time,

Ready to awaken.


This part of me is like a child,



Excitable and curious.

It is who and how I am when unconcerned by image.


hands-with-plant1As this part of myself,

I am ready to serve.

A pair of open hands,

Opening yet wider,

Like an unfolding flower.


What I have, I can give;

What I do not have, I can learn to do without.


Who am I, as the smiling Buddha?

This is not my concern.

What does my life mean?

It is not my job to figure this out,

Nor would I have the capacity if I tried.


171120-smile-stock-njs-333p_2d0c7854c7a6c4b07ff2f24be623be4a.fit-760wInstead, a smile is enough.

The gift, the service of open hands.

Being is enough.

Awakening is enough.


The joy that I am does not need to be measured.

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