Silence (meditation)

Silence is the key. Silence is what is there when all voices quiet down. Silence is the language of spirits. Humanity alone is incapable of healing. Spirits are what heal us in times of silence. Silence is at service of enlightenment. From enlightenment, all noise disappears. Silence is the language of love. All pain can dissolve in love. Silence is a friend to noise. Noise is a flight from silence. Silence is a constant rebirth. Silence is a maturation process. The morning and evening are the most quiet times; the day is the space for noise. The sound of an animal’s thought is silence. The sound of contentment is silence. Silence is the language we are here to learn to speak. Most of us have learned language, but we have not learned the language of silence. To the uninitiated, silence can sound like a roar. Silence can be a frightening thing. My silence does not sound the same as your silence. Silence is punctuated by what has not been heard. Silence is the curative; it is always there. Silence brings us together. We meditate so that we can know silence. Silence is the language of human evolution. Spirits communicate to humans through silence. The true self is found through ancestry. There is no difference between silence and maximal noise. All ancestors shouting at once equals silence. Silence is how a baby thinks. Silence can feel familiar and warm. Silence will wait for you a lifetime if necessary. Silence is spelling the way home.

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