Antipodiatry (L:HtR/UtW)

Written for lovers of literature interested in self-actualization, Literature: How to Read and Understand the World teaches readers how to derive principles of wisdom from literature and apply them to their lives. The book achieves this through a series of five essential steps, including identifying with literary characters, aggregating principles of wisdom from their experience,… Continue reading Antipodiatry (L:HtR/UtW)

Curriculum, Engaged reading

Engaged reading, part I: antipodiatry

In the way most of us have been trained to read literature, we regard characters in a text as entities outside ourselves from whom we have nothing to learn. This is why we call the practice ‘criticism:’ we make up ‘theses’ as to the characters’ motives and meanings, justify these theses with ‘evidence,’ and deliver… Continue reading Engaged reading, part I: antipodiatry