Silence (meditation)

Silence is the key. Silence is what is there when all voices quiet down. Silence is the language of spirits. Humanity alone is incapable of healing. Spirits are what heal us in times of silence. Silence is at service of enlightenment. From enlightenment, all noise disappears. Silence is the language of love. All pain can… Continue reading Silence (meditation)


Spirituality and Politics (The Spiritual Download)

Here is a conversation I had with Kyle Eric Hilding of The Spiritual Download podcast and Amanda Flores on 7/8/20. The subject was "Spirituality and Politics."


An unlikely union

My whole life I’ve been distrustful of doctors. I don’t know what it is. The coldness of the waiting room, the feeling of paranoia amongst the people waiting. The feeling of being analyzed when seen by the doctor, as though the exchange is a one-way street. In me, the childhood fear of needles has never… Continue reading An unlikely union

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Receiving and following intuition: a personal story

A little over a year ago I had a dream of my future wife. In the dream, I saw a bright, cheerful, red-headed woman, knew that she was a nurse, and awoke saying aloud the words ‘That’s my wife.’ Obviously, I wrote down the dream and told it to friends. As with most mystical experiences,… Continue reading Receiving and following intuition: a personal story