Cults, culture, and charismatic leaders

I once dated someone who was a member of an ongoing, intensive support group, and I spent the first half of our relationship trying to persuade her that it was a cult. “You don’t need the group in order to be healthy!” I would tell her, “You don’t need them! Just look at me: I’m… Continue reading Cults, culture, and charismatic leaders


Way of the Peaceful Warrior, part II

In this video, I discuss the habits and tactics through which the peaceful warrior can enact social justice in conversational encounters, grounding the work in Spiral Dynamics. There are awareness exercises and an invitation to donate for those who benefited from the content.


The impossibility of self-starting and hatred for the homeless

In the 2000 film American Psycho, there is a scene in which Patrick Bateman, a wealthy Wall Street employee, condescends to a homeless person in an alley. "Do you have any idea what a fucking loser you are?" Bateman rhetorically asks the homeless person. He then kills the homeless person and a nearby dog in… Continue reading The impossibility of self-starting and hatred for the homeless


High horse, part II (L:HtR/UtW)

Written for lovers of literature interested in self-actualization, Literature: How to Read and Understand the World teaches readers how to derive principles of wisdom from literature and apply them to their lives. The book achieves this through a series of five essential steps, including identifying with literary characters, aggregating principles of wisdom from their experience,… Continue reading High horse, part II (L:HtR/UtW)