Note: this post is envisioned as a sequel to "Health," written at the start of the pandemic and viewable here Although I had initially been resistant to so doing, in August of this year I chose to get vaccinated. As was expected, the first twenty-four hours following this decision were riddled with chills, fever, and… Continue reading Sickness


Five lessons from Coronavirus

Enclosed is a blog post version of a FB Live event I did on 12/27/20. You may find the FB Live video here. Early in lockdown, I did a FB Live entitled “Coronavirus, spaciousness, and inner peace.” In this video, I essentially said that Coronavirus was requiring humanity to move en masse, obeying restrictions such… Continue reading Five lessons from Coronavirus


Atonement for negative karma

I recognize that my actions have harmed others in the past. Through selfishness, I have created and amplified traumas, Some of which may live on to this day. These will need to be healed through time, Some of them perhaps living on to future generations. For my part, I recognize that my own harmful actions… Continue reading Atonement for negative karma