The short, miserable life of an empath

By the time she reached middle school, the empath had learned of the horrors visited upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the close of WWII–hence, she developed radiation poisoning, even though both geography and temporality vastly distanced her from those places. Too, she had learned of Fritz Haber, Zyklon B, WWI’s trenches, and the burnings of… Continue reading The short, miserable life of an empath

Character identifications, Curriculum

Character identifications

Character identifications constitute the ‘meat’ of our process of reading literature, and become available to us once we have read the text in a sufficiently engaged manner. Through this process, we have defamiliarized ourselves with the story of ourselves—which was simultaneously a story of perfection—and in so doing, we have ceased to judge the characters,… Continue reading Character identifications