Case studies


The marble-workers

On the bench they sat in a single row, working their marbles. The bench stretched in either direction for miles–perhaps an infinity–and to each inhabitant was allotted a single marble, a clear sphere speckled with dots and striated with lines that the individual rolled over in their palm, trying to wipe clean. Over time, this… Continue reading The marble-workers


Alex Honnold’s “Free Solo” as aesthetic experience

While with my father over Thanksgiving, a mutual friend came forward with a strong opinion about a certain brand of professional athletics: “I am sick of seeing wealthy white men throwing their lives away and calling it brave.” Surprising myself, I volunteered Alex Honnold as a counter-example, saying that to me there was something about… Continue reading Alex Honnold’s “Free Solo” as aesthetic experience


I beat up my friend

As our outdoor, high school assembly wound down one spring morning, my friend and I playfully tossed into each other’s shoes a variety of wood chip which coated our seating area’s floor. This back-and-forth escalated with increasing quantities of wood chips, and then, as we were dismissed and my friend stood up to head to… Continue reading I beat up my friend