My political evolution

On the evening of my state‚Äôs primary election in early 2016, I and a friend walked from his house to a local school that doubled as my voting location. After waiting in line for what felt like hours, I learned an unfortunate fact: I had come to the wrong place, and voting would begin in… Continue reading My political evolution


What freedom means to me

A little over two years ago, I took the following photo while touring Mount Rushmore on my way to graduate school in Wisconsin. At the time, I marveled at how tiny the destination actually looks in person, and also at how overwhelmingly white the rock features are. (I mean this literally, although of course the… Continue reading What freedom means to me


Politics, karma, and the emptiness of winning (spiritual talk)

What is karma? In what sense is the U.S.'s current political situation evidence of a karmic relationship? How is karma resolved throughout a lifetime? What is the result of "failed" karma? Successfully navigated karma? Given these dynamics, what are some potential outcomes of our current political situation in the U.S.? See these questions and more… Continue reading Politics, karma, and the emptiness of winning (spiritual talk)