Simulating the sacred

A few nights ago, I received a massage at an upscale location in my area on a coupon some students had given me. At this location, massages run around $200, although this price also affords one access to the grounds’ saunas, hot tubs, and meditation spaces. While employing the latter of these services in anticipation… Continue reading Simulating the sacred


In every ideology, something true

I am not a capitalist, but there is a truth that life has become better since agriculture and that competition produces greatness. I am not a marxist, but there is a truth that profit is made through exploitation. I am not an anti-vaxxer, but there is a truth that pharmaceutical companies abuse their power and… Continue reading In every ideology, something true


Spiritual versus secular education

What are the differences between spiritual and secular education? At face value, the obvious one is that secular education is non-spiritual, but in fact this system has its roots in religion. This can be seen in secular education’s presumption of “original sin” in the student, and its mantling of mechanisms like grading, homework, and punishments… Continue reading Spiritual versus secular education