In every ideology, something true

I am not a capitalist, but there is a truth that life has become better since agriculture and that competition produces greatness.

I am not a marxist, but there is a truth that profit is made through exploitation.

I am not an anti-vaxxer, but there is a truth that pharmaceutical companies abuse their power and that people seemed to be plenty healthy without so many vaccines. 

I am not an incel, but there is a truth that most of attraction boils down to heritable characteristics and social conditions. In this respect, incels are closet marxists.

I am not a liberal, but there is a truth that giving support to one another and caring for our environment seem obvious. 

I am not a conservative, but there is a truth that large, bureaucratic systems often generate more waste than good. Why should I care for someone I do not know?

My point is that there is a shred of truth in just about any ideology; this is why they catch hold. 

What am I, and what do I believe? I am a vessel of energy having a transitory experience in the universe, and part of this experience is thoughts. Beliefs come into and out of my sphere of awareness. They all seem true. They are all part true. The part of them that is true is the part that gestures toward something even more true, something which can never be put into words. 

Through the bend of everything apparently “true,” I see you and know that together we are. 

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