To the soul upon its passing

To the soul upon its passing:

Thank you for your visit here.

Thank you for the light you brought with you,

The kindness, the warmth.

Upon your return to the creator,

We hope you remember that this life was but a dream,

A transitory experience you added to

Like a slap of the wheel with new clay. 

In the creator, 

We hope you realize that nothing you did here was in error,

That there can be no such thing as a mistake in the earth-realm.

All your suffering: by design.

All your enemies: converted to friends.

In the creator,

We hope you find renewed courage for another earth-visit,

Another brilliant transfusion of your light. 

We need that light.

We need your warmth, your courage. 

Our dimension is like a play of colors sent through

A hanging crystal;

Without your light,

There is no glow to our home.

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