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The silence and its meaning

Empty SpaceDeep within you is a quiet space

From which you were born, and which you will return to upon your death.

Even when you forget it while in life, it is there;

It is the space in which the experience of your forgetting is contained.

You can feel this if you meditate:

That deep-down hum, that hum that is silence,

The silence along which your thoughts play like skitterings across water.

The silence in which your feelings bubble up, kiss the surface,

The silence in which you are.


It is no less true to say this silence is within you than to say that you are within it:

We are its product, its sound,

Just as all that is perceptible in the universe was born from nothing.

We are the harmonious chance of sound in the nothing.

And in that nothing, is love.


Knowing the silence, we know also these truths:

We are all one life. This is not metaphysics, but fact.

Love is the deepest, strongest, and truest emotion.

Conflict is not only unnecessary, but impossible:

Every emotion, every thought, every action…

They are all simultaneously both right and wrong.

That is, even mutual opposites produce a deeper truth.


still-water-6In fact, the purpose of all we experience is to illuminate this deeper truth,

To show us this quiet knowing which is always there.

In our hatred, the silence; in our pain, the silence;

In our longing, the deepest, most earthly care; in our envy, the silence and stillness.

We ourselves are as quivers on the surface of the ocean,

Windows through which the light is refracted onto the deep.


If you meditate, you will know this.

Meditation is but a simulation of what is always true,

The inner experience of that which, in the outer world, enframes us.

It is like a painting which describes a landscape,

A film which depicts a life.

But even if you do not meditate, and even if you do not know this,

That is okay:

The energy into which we are born and which abides our lives is indifferent,

Can wait an infinitude for our return home.

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