A prayer for the summer solstice

May the awakening of this moment be complete. May all beings know God’s love in their hearts and minds and, with this love, may they accept their true selves. With this self-acceptance, may our systems bend irrevocably in the directions of health and justice. With this equilibrium, may our environment, too, know equilibrium. May the… Continue reading A prayer for the summer solstice


Why do we judge? (spiritual talk)

Attached is one of my favorite videos I’ve done, at least second to the one that started it all. It is an exploration and disambiguation of judgement—short and simple, clocking in at just under thirty minutes. Some of the questions include the following: what is judgement? How does it function? Why do we persist in… Continue reading Why do we judge? (spiritual talk)

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What it means to bow to the Buddha

A few years ago while reading a foundational text on Buddhism I had the first of two spiritual experiences with respect to the tradition: every new insight I read, it seemed like I was remembering rather than discovering. That is, it felt like I had been a Buddhist before. I asked a psychic about this… Continue reading What it means to bow to the Buddha