A prayer for rain

New Mexico, where I live, is currently swaddled by fires,

And so it feels incumbent to pray for rain. 


Why Are Rain Clouds Dark? | Rain Clouds Gray | Live Science

And yet my prayer is not only for New Mexico, nor for literal rain:

It is for all people, places, and times, and for all soothing, quenching liquids for various states of distress.


My prayer is for politics, in which all sides perceive themselves as beset by existential threats,

And must respond with crushing blows;

Here, I pray for rain. 


It is for entertainment, a dizzying, electronic hallucination which draws us endlessly from ourselves,

But never once dissipates loneliness;

here, I pray for rain.


My prayer is for food and farming, both of which can be conducted consciously, but all too often are done so with little attention to wellbeing;

Here, I pray for rain. 


I pray for rain in the field of psychology, in which people regard themselves as atomized individuals responsible for their own problems, and therefore under great pressure;

I pray for the realization that the self is an illusion.


I pray for rain in education, where the illusion expressed above culminates in a veritable arms race–albeit intellectual–with young hearts and minds the collateral damage;

I pray for the awareness that learning has no end goal and is not a competition.


I pray for rain in exercise, in the criminal justice system, in technocratic gambits, in the raising of children. I pray for rain in the study of history, in the production of art and the treatment of artists, in the mapping of cities and creation of housing.


Mostly, I pray for rain in the seat of the soul, a riverbed already flourishing if we are willing to listen. In this riverbed, I wish for us to see that we hold all the cooling, satiating forces necessary to our peace and healing, a source which begs quiet from us, not action; reflection and gentle coaxing, not an external search for truth.


In the timeless waters of being, our salvation shall be found. 

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