Spiritual resume


Seeking bliss, wholeness, and equanimity



Deeply consider experience to produce wisdom. Attempt to discern and live by values. Regularly connect to beyond and, through this connection, encounter wellsprings of devotion. Endeavor always to stay attuned.

Universe’s origin-1991:

Previous incarnations as Buddhist, psychologist, wizard, and other forms. Some incarnations more generative and conscious, others less so. Through accumulated karma, resonances enacted as both talent and mission in current life.


Coexistence with all beings, eradicating individuality. Mute, but in possession of all knowledge. Suffering an impossibility.


Through love, work, art, travel, health, and illness, the awareness that all of life, seeks to expand consciousness, the facilitation of learning for a singular being. Both consciously and unconsciously, participation in this effort.


Perspicuity, intuition, embodiment, both feeling and articulation of feeling, compassion, adaptability, intimacy with and submission to divine order. Humor; currently studying ephemerality.

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