Dear spirit

Dear spirit,

Please fill me with the knowledge

That there is nothing I need to accomplish,

No tests to pass,

That I am perfect as I am. 

Please let me rest in the certainty

That I fulfill your purpose merely by existing.

Too, please fill my soul with the courage

To do the work assigned me in this life,

To master my worst karmas,

To evolve for the collective.

For my vitality,

Please nourish my mind and body

With the food that you create,

The sun that makes it germinate,

The land that is our heritage.

Sound of body and mind,

Buoyed by the faith of spirit,

I may actualize my soul’s destiny.

All these gifts received,

I promise that I will spread your love

To all with whom I converse,

Everyone I see,

Every footfall of land upon which I travel.

With my mind,

I will remark upon your creation’s beauty;

With my heart,

I will delight in it and communicate that to all in my presence.

Thank you for your gifts:

May you imbibe the understanding that they are enough.

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