Tapestry of the oppressor

TW: This poem contains a racial slur. A few days ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico, A young white supremacist broke into and desecrated an Indian restaurant, Putting in an estimated $100,000 worth of damage. “Trump 2020,” and “Fuck sand niggers,” He scrawled in black graffiti. One of these phrases he painted atop a religious… Continue reading Tapestry of the oppressor


An unlikely union

My whole life I’ve been distrustful of doctors. I don’t know what it is. The coldness of the waiting room, the feeling of paranoia amongst the people waiting. The feeling of being analyzed when seen by the doctor, as though the exchange is a one-way street. In me, the childhood fear of needles has never… Continue reading An unlikely union


(My) racial awakenings, visions of recompense, and an invitation to the skeptical

In this video, I discuss George Floyd's recent death at the hands of police and the awakening it created for me. I discuss the difference between awakened understanding and mental comprehension; the fact that while we can strive for awareness, we cannot control awakening; and the kinds of leadership I envision we will need to… Continue reading (My) racial awakenings, visions of recompense, and an invitation to the skeptical

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Race and quarantine: a short reflection

Several days ago, a black man was slowly and brutally murdered by a group of white police officers in broad daylight. This event echoed the string of similar murders that we have witnessed for my entire lifetime, among them Trayvon Martin’s, Michael Brown’s, and Ahmaud Arbery’s. The earliest event like this to touch my life… Continue reading Race and quarantine: a short reflection