Silence (meditation)

Silence is the key. Silence is what is there when all voices quiet down. Silence is the language of spirits. Humanity alone is incapable of healing. Spirits are what heal us in times of silence. Silence is at service of enlightenment. From enlightenment, all noise disappears. Silence is the language of love. All pain can… Continue reading Silence (meditation)


Tapestry of the oppressor

TW: This poem contains a racial slur. A few days ago in Santa Fe, New Mexico, A young white supremacist broke into and desecrated an Indian restaurant, Putting in an estimated $100,000 worth of damage. “Trump 2020,” and “Fuck sand niggers,” He scrawled in black graffiti. One of these phrases he painted atop a religious… Continue reading Tapestry of the oppressor


What does it mean to believe in ghosts? (spiritual talk)

What does it mean to believe in ghosts? Alternately, what does it mean not to? In what sense is belief in ghosts political? How can belief in ghosts affect our relationships? What is the difference between personal and collective ghosts, and what are some examples of the latter? Most importantly, how do we meet and… Continue reading What does it mean to believe in ghosts? (spiritual talk)