4 thoughts on “My kundalini experience”

  1. I had many very real physiological symptoms after kundalini was “installed.” One chief effect appeared to be an irritation from the energy itself which caused (and still does) a number of organs/glands to protect themselves by producing fluids as a buffer. In the gastrointestinal track, identified by the Chinese as the body’s “battery” for chi (or prana), the secretion of mucus is used to protect the organ but produces nausea as a result. When I had these mysterious bouts of intestinal distress just before kundalini and for some months after, I used pepto-bismal, which works, like mucus, to coat the gut to protect itself. The pepto, though, didn’t produce nausea in the same way the mucus does.

    I observed and saw that my nausea waxed and waned tracking along with the cycling of kundalini as it prepared for the next purge of emotional material. This cycle was hard to catch on to since prana would move before I could even feel it most often. Often we feel what we think is kundalini/prana moving when in truth we are only feeling the resistance to the energy flow and attach movement to that. I only felt the energy the most once the energy encountered resistance, then it became very intense (and stayed that way for quite some time—years even–before there was less resistance and a smoother flow).

    In the Sanscrit, kundalini is not described as violent or vigorous, but as a smooth silent energy once our consciousness puts up no resistance to it. I would thus feel nausea, have intestinal distress, and then a little later, a k-based event would emerge. It wasn’t easy to spot the connection at first, it had to repeat many times for me to begin to see a causal connection. Additionally, this effect is commonly called kundalini flu.

    Sometimes changing diet was very helpful, but it was always a moving target; what worked one day would not always work as a rule on another day, month, or year…too much change happening. Additionally emotion can be amplified such that it impacts the body. Work on that, and symptoms of some physical affects may reduce to a greater degree. They might not go completely because I suspect that the way the body manages energy has changed and an overstimulation may now be the new normal.

    Since kundalini I don’t get sick like I used to. I also taught at the university with students who came down with covid (cold virus) and flu multiple times each semester. In seven years of teaching I never got sick. The effect on the immune system has been significant. When I got covid in 2020, it only lasted a few days. That was the first I had gotten sick since kundalini rose in 2007.

    The great thing is we have this inner “lab” where we can sit and observe, note, and document, events as they happen. Is it the effect of more voltage in the body? It seems likely. Can emotion manifest as conditions in the body? Seems entirely reasonable. Under what conditions does kundalini create nausea and under what conditions might nausea be emotionally induced? For me, that is the most interesting question right now.


    1. Wow, and thank you for this incredible comment; it resonates so deeply with my experience. For one, I have been struggling with sinus blockage ever since this awakening began; for another, I continue to have seemingly ubiquitous nausea. I will heed your advice about the Pepto Bismol, and it is extremely heartening to hear I am not alone.

      I do have a question about one passage. Would you please clarify your comment that the physical symptoms “might not go completely because [you] suspect that the way the body manages energy has changed and an overstimulation may now be the new normal”?

      Best wishes, and again, thank you.


      1. It feels like to me that I am getting zapped. I think using occam’s razor it’s fair to speculate that this is a higher than usual load of energy….and it has effects, some very good but some a little troublesome. I think this is the new normal and maybe some get used to it or adjust, but I can’t say I have, 15 years in. I’m used to it, but I haven’t really adjusted. So as a new normal I mean that this appears to be how things are. Yay! Gulp.

        I will say that during a period very bland food helped…oatmeal, grits, polenta, things like that. Later, spicy food (Indian and Thai curries) brought great bliss. A year later, not so much. I also was shown one morning how I needed to eat cantaloup and voila! It calmed the energy. Nice. I didn’t know how melon is prescribed as a toning food for K in India. Cucumber, watermelon, cantaloup, honeydew, are all supposed to be good. I stick with cantaloup because it works so well….for me.

        When the pandemic came along I knew I couldn’t get sucked into the fear or else it would throw me for a loop. Luckily, I am self employedand can work alone or regiment my day so as to avoid these things. All can have profound effects on the sensitive ones.


      2. Again, thank you very much for your comment, which I find both helpful and profound. Last night, I had an experience in a movie theater wherein I felt for the first portion of the movie that I was going to throw up, then reminded myself that this sensation was just energy and concentrated on letting it move; when I did this, the energy redistributed throughout my body and manifested as a form of ubiquitous tingling and heat, deeply pleasurable and much more interesting than the movie. I think that this is the ultimate trajectory for and best strategy vis a vis kundalini, but as some of your writing suggests, I also think it is rare we are able to devote this kind of time and focus to the process, and so ameliorating devices are sometimes necessary. In this regard, I am also noting your advice about “cooling” foods etc.


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