Knowing that this is work I am called to do independent of monetary gain, I currently offer this work on a pay-what-you-can, if-you-can basis. In an introductory phone call during which we discuss the nature of the work and whether it’s right for you, we’ll also discuss your financial situation, and if you’d like to pay, how much feels right to you.

By the same token, I also accept payments from those who have not worked with me directly, but who feel called to support what I’m doing for some other reason. To these people, I humbly offer the knowledge that your support inspires me and makes me more confident in what I’m doing, as well as the reality that it helps me to offer the service to other students for free. Your support directly amplifies the healing that I am able to accomplish in the world.

For all payment situations, please direct money to my Paypal account: