Jackson2Do you love reading literature? Do you feel there’s something in it, for you, that has yet to be tapped—something you feel when you read, but would have trouble putting words to? Are you an artist? Activist? Teacher or healer? Are you struggling with old wounds or an unhelpful narrative?

My name is Jackson Holzberg Buckley, and I teach people how to read literature as a source of wisdom that helps them to better understand themselves and their world. This process consists of five simple steps that can be conducted with any work of literature, and it usually takes about five to eight weeks to complete.

Through this process, readers can hope to:

  • Let go of judgements toward others and themselves
  • Create space for new relationships to be formed, old relationships to be transformed, and discover latent desires within themselves
  • Open up space for spiritual realizations, intuition, and lasting peace
  • Learn a language with which to better articulate and understand their feelings
  • Become familiar with helpful guidelines for how to share wisdom with and counsel others—a practice which certifies readers as teachers and healers unto themselves

This process is applicable to novice readers of fiction; well-versed readers who feel tired of academic ways of reading; people who have little experience reading fiction, but interest in therapy, spirituality, or genuine political action; and teachers whose practice has grown stale.

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