The emperor’s no-clothes

As the stories drift away, As the ideas fade to nothing, You are gradually left naked As a newborn babe, Birthed to a universe That is mysterious, Ever-changing, Pregnant with possibility And silent as to what it all means.


Coronavirus, spaciousness, and inner peace (FB Live)

What inner state does the Coronavirus externalize for us? What emotional condition does this render? What parts of ourselves might these circumstances activate? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6yU4rTrbW0&feature=youtu.be

Personal writing, poetry

Love meets purpose

You searched and pined for the one to love, The perfect one, The one who would return that love, Would make you whole.   In each situation, Your founding expectation rendered this person something other than they were, An illusory object that you could cradle, Possess, Lust for, But that was never really yours. In… Continue reading Love meets purpose

Personal writing, poetry

The silence and its meaning

Deep within you is a quiet space From which you were born, and which you will return to upon your death. Even when you forget it while in life, it is there; It is the space in which the experience of your forgetting is contained. You can feel this if you meditate: That deep-down hum,… Continue reading The silence and its meaning